We want to keep everything simple. So why not refund policy as well! right?

We truly believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we are so confident on our product and services that we are so sure that you will like it as much as our other customers cherish it. Hence we are proud to offer 45 days no questions asked refund policy because its relation for life, right!

However in some rare situation it is might possible that 1MinuteWeb will not be the right product for you and we completely understand that because everyone has different requirements and expectations. And if that will be the case with you, you can try our services for 45 days without hesitation and risk and you can request for retun anytime within 45 days.

How to claim Refund?

Its fairly simple and easy
Either send us an email at support@1minuteweb.com
Create a support ticket under Accounts, Billing and Refund ticket.