We can give you not just one but many reasons to buy our services. We are different and our business model is different and everything about us different than these companies whose primary motive is just to squeeze more money from you. Also here are few facts about us: - One time payment and lifetime usage. - Simplicity and Quick Setup. - New Web themes added regularly and they are free. - We are startup mentality, so customer support is our primary focus.

We are very different than anyone else on the internet right now, And we believe in simplicity. We have also did researched that most of the users are quitting from Wix and other competitors because it gets too overwhelming very quickly when you try to design your sites using their design panel. So we decided to simplify the process, we take all the pain and efforts to design beautiful sites templates for you, and you can just choose one of them, upload your content and your website is ready. Isn't it very simple and easy!

We understand that your expectation might be different or we are not the right match for your needs. But don't worry, we don't like to charge our customers if they don't want to use our services. We have 45 days no questions asked refund policy. So you are secure, just try our service and if you still think its not for you. Contact us and we will refund your money.

Our company is sufficiently funded and advanced funds are already reserved for running our services for next 10 years. And We are sure that our customers will love our services which is enough to run the business for lifetime.

We understand that we might have not covered all of the business ideas with our template, but unlike any other companies like Wix, Squarespace we are more flexible. Just create a support ticket and our team will create a new theme for your specific industry. And yes its absolutely free!

Absolutely Yes!, We have simplified our product so much that you don't need any expertise or even basic knowledge of website design or coding. We have made ready to use business templates so that you can go online in just simple 3 steps. And if you still stuck, send us an email at support@1minuteweb.com we will help you setup your website free of charge!

Absolutely Yes, We realize that your business should run on your business domain not on our subdomain. So you can easily connect your domain.

We have advanced and educated team of tech experts who has created this awesome product. At any step if you feel like you have stuck or you don't know what to do next, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Shoot an email to support@1minuteweb.com or create a ticket on our support system.

Well answer to this question lies into your requirements. We are trying to change the website industry for good, we believe everyone should have a website without paying the heavy prices. And with this mission we have tried to make things simpler so that everyone should be able to use it. We have everything to make a beautiful business website without any expertise of design or coding. But if you are an advance user then we might not have very advanced features available for you right now. But you can still try our services and if you don't like it we have 45 days no questions asked refund policy. So your money is in safe hands.

Initially we had started our business idea with domain concodex.com which was registered in 2018 but since then the idea behind the brand has changed so much and our founders have came across so many different names but its recently they got an idea of our latest brand 1MinuteWeb which matches more to companies vision in future. Hence we just finalized our final brand name before the launch Thats why you see the domain age is very new. :)