How to create a cleaning service business website?

Hmmm! So you have a cleaning business and now you are looking to build your own business website. Creating a cleaning business website is a great way to obtain new customers and to inform them about your services. It gives your business credibility and shows professionalism in the eye of the potential customer.

In this article I will show you the most easiest way to build and setup your cleaning website under an hour! But before deciding on your cleaning business name, I would suggest that you make sure there is a domain name available that matches the name of your business. For example, say your business name is Yellow Maids, you would want to register the domain name


Steps to Create Your Cleaning Service Website:

Choose your domain name and register it

The first step in this process is to have great domain name which is easy to remember and match with your business to avoid confusion between your users.

Now you got your domain name, there are several ways you can create your website. In my opinion there are two major ways, one is smarter way another is traditional way to create your website. In this article I am gonna show you how you can use any method to create your website and let you be the judge of your choice.

Smarter Way:

If you decide to go this way, I think you have made right choice because this way you will be able to create your website with in an hour without breaking your head in deciding what to do next.

Buy Lifetime Subscription on 1MinuteWeb

Yes its true, you can just pay one time fees and relax for coming years, unlike other website builders available in the market like Wix, Squarepace etc. who charges you every month/year just to maintain your website, on the other hand 1MinuteWeb offers you lifetime plan where you pay the upfront fees once and your website will be alive for life. 

Choose Theme

Once you have bought lifetime plan from 1MinuteWeb, now its time to choose design for your website, Login to your 1MinuteWeb account and Go to Settings->Themes section. Here you will be presented with so many options of prebuilt design specially curated for almost every kind of business.

Add Content:

Once you have selected, start adding your content based on your theme. All the important content fields are also highlighted on your dashboard automatically. And if you feel stuck 1MinuteWeb team is always happy to help you.

Connect Your Domain:

Once you have added all the required details on your website, it now time to connect your domain. Its very easy to do. Go to connect domain section and go to Custom Domain option. follow the given instructions and you are all set.

And Voila! your website is ready now. Wasn't it easy! Indeed it was.

Now lets look at the traditional way of building business website.                                                          

Look for a suitable hosting provider:

Choosing a website hosting provider to host your website on. As mentioned, the web hosting provider is the company that hosts your domain/website. There are many hosting providers available. You can choose anyone who suits your budget and preferences.

Connect Your Domain:

Once you have decided with hosting provider, its now time to point your domain towards your servers. Its very easy to do, just add the suggested name records by your hosting company to your name and you are all set.

Decide on CMS or Hire a Professional:

Decide if you will have someone create and manage your website for you or if you will do it yourself. If you plan on putting together your own website, I would recommend using WordPress. It is a CMS platform that runs your website design. 

If you know all bit and pieces of website building process then good luck you are all set but if you are not the tech expert then I would suggest you to hire a professional to do things for you but I agree that this approach will be very expensive.

Design & Visualize your site:

Not even professional will be able to do anything good for you if you don't have any vision about your website, and hiring a design expert again would be very expensive. I would suggest you to choose wordpress themes which are easy to use but its little difficult to create your content around it.

Now if you have followed this article correctly you must be ready with your brand new cleaning service website.

In case you need any help or support don't hesitate to contact us.

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