1MinuteWeb vs Site123 Comparison | Pros and Cons

In this article we will try to compare 1MinuteWeb with its competition Site123. While both the products tries to target to almost similar users it worth to compare both service against each other to see what you get with each one of theme. Before we start this article its important to know about both of them to have clear understanding.

About Site123: The biggest name on the internet for website builders is Site123, And they are not the first but certainly they are most famous one or in other words you can say that they are the one who made it easy and accessible for normal people. So certainly an experience player in the market.

About 1MinuteWeb: 1MinuteWeb is certainly new in the market but new also means having more time on analysing the problem and having mature solution. Because of being new in the industry there are some some fundamental changes about how they are gonna revolutionise this industry. 1MinuteWeb is on a mission to free the small businesses with monthly/yearly bills. And with 1MinuteWeb things are really simple and crystal clear.

Lets take a look at the comparison
Lifetime Plan
Monthly Payment
Ready to use templates?
No design sense required?
No coding knowledge Required?
Suitable for advanced users?
Free future updates
Free future themes
Secure Servers
Technical Support

From above comparison table, it is clear that both platforms are good and provide world class product. Now it depends on your requirement, if you are a begginer looking for a ready made world class websites you should go for 1MinuteWeb and with the lifetime deal it becomes more better option for most of the people.
But if you are an advanced user, who knows exactly what they are doing like designing each and every page then you should go for Site123 but compare to 1MinuteWeb it will be bit expensive but suitable for advanced users only.

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